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    Our tale begins with a creative studio named Preconstruct. Experienced and wise, it had spent many years crafting beautiful CGI and animations to reveal the richness and wonder of architectural projects around the world.

    At the heart of Preconstruct’s work is a magical gift for shaping detailed stories about buildings, environments and the people who live and work in them. And as word of this storytelling ability spread, others came to seek it out – others from beyond the world of the built environment, bearing projects from a host of different sectors.

    It was time for something new: a bigger team and a wider network of expert partners, who could tell stories in these new areas that were every bit as rich, intelligent and beautiful to behold as Preconstruct’s architectural work.

    And so, Infectious was born: a fellowship of digital storytellers exploring the wider universe of sectors, brands and audiences. Where next? Perhaps you can tell us....

    Photorealistic Interior CGI by Preconstruct.
    For more examples of their work go visit.