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    Disney, Super Sleuths

    There was a time when Disney was demonstrating its Super Sleuths products in physical room sets, which were hauled around the world to excite interest among international retail partners. It was an expensive, time-consuming and frustrating process. The sets got damaged through continual assembling and dismantling, creating an inconsistent and unsatisfactory picture of the brand’s vision.

    Disney turned to us. Could we create digital alternatives to the physical sets, which would be more effective, portable and cost-efficient?

    Of course we could. Working from 2D concept art, we created 3D digital models of the themed furniture, toys and clothing, which were much more detailed than the previous physical mock-ups. We also produced an animation that showcased the breadth of the Super Sleuths range using a journey through a child’s room and a retail environment.

    The digital work was presented on a large LCD screen, which the team was able to source individually in each country. There was no need to transport a physical set.

    The result was a dramatically faster time to market for new product ranges, and a presentation that could be carried in a pocket, not a van. The digital delivery also meant the team could demonstrate the products and bespoke POS installations to a higher level of detail than previously possible. Perfectly fresh, clean and consistent every time.

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