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    M4 Newport, Public Exhibitions

    If you're building a motorway and a big bridge , it makes sense to ensure that the people who will be affected know what's going on.

    The M4 corridor around Newport is 23 miles of new motorway designed to relieve chronic congestion, keep the growing economy on track and help communities improve their quality of life.

    The task for the Welsh Government was straightforward: host a series of exhibitions to demonstrate clearly, and in detail, what is being planned.

    The trickier part was to encourage people to come along to the exhibitions.

    Working with the joint venture team, we developed a plan to inform the public when the exhibitions were happening, what they could expect to learn and provide a simple explanation of the process so far.

    This involved radio advertisements in Welsh and English, a project video telling the story of the project and, for the exhibition itself, a touch-table interactive to host other videos, images and information in an appealing and easy to use format. The end result was a well attended exhibition, with a better informed audience and stakeholders who came away knowing the answers to all of their questions.

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